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Melissa Lori

Hi Friends and Family...  As a huge thank you for my QA on they have given me this amazing opportunity for my friends and family to save 20% on over 10,000 products.  I know, 10,000 products is a lot but you can easily narrow your search down using the drop down box on this page or search.    I tried to think of everything on my "Personal Page"...  From belly stuff for me to Proteins for my Gym Rat friends and Oh, I even included a few treats for the pups.  :)  I love my D-O-G!!!   And the 20% is store wide!!!  

I am really excited about 2015 - I hope you will use this opportunity to reach your 2015 goals as well... who doesnt want to look better, be more fit, happier and more confident.  Cheers to 2015!!!  Love, Melissa